Green Heat Corporation



Mike Horvath With Green Heat Unit

The idea for Green Heat Corporation was born out of necessity. As the owner of a bar/restaurant in a poorly weatherized, 70-year-old cinderblock building in Northern Minnesota with temperatures reaching negative 40 degrees some nights, Mike Horvath, a co-founder of the Company, decided that he needed to do something to reduce his amount of fuel consumption as his heating bill was extraordinarily high per month. Utilizing his design and engineering skills, Mike invented the Heat to Energy Recycler System (HERS). The gas savings achieved with HERS saved Mike over 3,500 gallons of heating propane in the first year of operation!

With the success of the first building heating application of HERS, Mike saw the kitchen as an opportunity to turn this captured waste heat into other renewable energy such as heat for the building, domestic water heating, electricity and air conditioning, all the while making a restaurant more profitable.


Natural Resources Research Institute

Green Heat technology has had extensive testing performed by the Natural Resources Research Institute of the University of Duluth. This testing data confirmed the real world application Mike had already in place with his own restaurant and solidified the viability of the commercial application of the technology.

Green Heat’s Heat to Energy Recycler System saves a facility money, reduces the amount of fossil fuel burned, and stops harmful VOC emissions – a combination unparalleled in the renewable energy industry!