Green Heat Corporation



Commercial kitchens are well known for being major energy consumers. In the course of every day cooking, a large amount of equipment exhaust heat is being vented out of the hood. Unfortunately, this exhaust heat is energy that is wasted when it could be turned into renewable energy for the building instead. Green Heat Corporation’s patent-pending technology solves this problem by extracting and capturing the waste heat before it is vented out the hood, and redirecting it into renewable energy.

Green Heat pie chart

Green Heat technology is virtually undetectable once installed. It extracts and captures up to 80% of that wasted heat and uses it to dramatically reduce the kitchen’s overall energy use. With Green Heat technology, the exhaust heat from all kitchen equipment including deep fryers, griddles and convection ovens, is used to pre-heat the domestic hot water, provide heat for the building, create air conditioning, and/or create electricity, reducing the need for fossil fuels to perform the same outcome. In addition, by extracting the waste heat, the overall temperature of the exhaust leaving the building is cooled, improving the efficiency of the filtration system and reducing the VOC’s emitted into the atmosphere.

Green Heat technology helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and saves a facility money, a perfect combination!